Fantastic Foe
VR Training
Learning-by-doing is often the most effective way to internalise new skills. By creating immersive simulations of equipment and scenarios in virtual reality, we can provide access to this way of learning anytime and anywhere.
Game Dev
From conception to launch and everything in between, we offer a wide range of support tailored to your needs. Whether you need help exploring an idea, executing a vision or producing a game, let our team find the right solution for your project.
VR Visualisation
If seeing it makes it believable, experiencing it makes it memorable. Whether you need to sell an idea, share a vision or feel a space by inhabiting it, our team specialises in taking technical data and transforming it into virtual spaces and products.



We want to use our skills to magnify your voice. Let’s get to know each other and get on the same page about the project.

We have detailed need-finding sessions to hone in on your goals, the requirements of the project and together, shape the experience to deliver to end-users.

We share a living-document with you to define the product’s goals, features and user experience. This is followed by a small prototype to test core ideas, whether technical, functional or visual.

We implement all agreed-upon features and begin in-house testing as well as sharing test builds for your feedback. The goal is to produce a fully functional version where we can lock the feature-set.

We finalise the product with your feedback and polish the overall audiovisual and experiential feel of the product. It’s this last bit that makes the greatest impact on the end-user.

We believe this project is just the first step in our journey together and would love to work with you again. Let’s keep in touch.